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Networking F firstfix 1300
Great wifi product that grows with the clients
We've been using the Open Mesh system for a number of years and have deployed installs into both multi occupancy homes, retail, warehousing and the education sector.

The units have been rock sold, the cloud management has allowed us to make implementations quickly and in the case of hardware failures adding a new unit to the client's portal then shipping it out has saved many hours and days of technician time and travel.

The loss of one star is down to the support. I wish they would understand that they are selling primary into a very technical competent market and not treat issues as the run of the mill broadband tech call (turn it on / off, change this, change that... It must be this...)

We've recently seen some ongoing issues which have been appropriated to local infrastructures issues fixed by firmware updates. It's small things like this that though everything else is great, drops the ratings down a notch.
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