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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2077
Labtech has great potential, unfortunately much of the potential is still locked up or simply very difficult to unlock currently.

The Labtech marketing offer creates so much noise that it may distract from some key elements one should consider before going their way.

1. Patching
Is critical too most and Labtech lacks what is needed to make this a trusted tool

e.g. You will find that you sometimes need to run manual updates before Labtech updates will start working again. This is
probably easy when you have a few end points or it only happens once every few years but...

you will also discover that any 3rd party patching required (Adobe Reader e.g.) will cost you extra OR cost you lots of time and patience to try and develop the scripts etc needed

2. Chop and Change
Labtech started with quite a few backup, AV and related partners but have announced many of these as 'end of life' - continuity builds skill and a smoother experience for you and your clients. As they market a 'vendor neutral or any integration possible product' you should also be aware that there is no guarantee that the you product use/prefer will continue to be supported. If you are operating in environments with slower bandwidth or where the products they push is not as well known you can add all the related problems to your list with these changes.

3. As in previous reviews the support is hit and miss. The one day they will be amazing the next week your control center will be down (ie you are dead in the water) and they will not sort it out within a reasonable time.

4.Update/Release cycle is slow
Labtech 'stagger' a release for various reasons - a downside to this is that fixes for your system may take months and months to be available to you. This means that some functions and or information is non-working and or incorrect.

5. Remote Access/Remote Control
Labtech again has a hit and miss history here - it may work well today and not at all tomorrow. With the latest addition of ScreenConnect this was supposedly addressed but again the integration between the products is only partly done...

6. Billing / Accounting issues
Depending on how you are set up in their system you will get invoiced 'sporadically' during a month - i.e multiple invoices per month on different days each month. You cannot use their self-service' to check statements if you are not set up for US$ billing making recons a challange

7. Pay for breathing
I personally do think they nickel and dime you for everything - you may even get notified that you should buy x hours of 'Consulting' to sort our support related items.

We found that there are a lot of 'hidden' costs related to running Labtech - from the control server needing much more resources to run well to many hours of time needed each month to make sure the system performs as expected.

After running Labtech > 4 years we now know that it is as or more expensive than many of the competitors seems to be if all the hidden costs is taken into consideration

8 Windows Only?
You can load an agent on Linux, Mac (and also mobile devices )- you will pay a full license price for doing so but get very little in return for the investment with updates ( and even some basic information) that requires manual work (or again investing lots of time to create and maintain scripts)

You can work around the above - but do take it into consideration before signing their contract as it will not be pointed out to you by their sales teams and once signed and paid for...

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