Getting your message across on MSP Comparison isn't as expensive as you may think.

We're continually looking at ways to help drive your message to the targeted visitors to MSPC and will work with you to make sure the outcome of your campaign is one that benefits all involved.

As a basis, here are our outline rates for advertising across the site.  All pricing is in GBP and is based on a monthly rate.

Front Page

Price £


Leaderboard below intro text550By sector
Leaderboard below fold450By sector
Leaderboard bottom365By sector
Skyscraper (right) above fold550By sector
Box 250x250 above fold350By sector
Box 250x250 below fold250By sector
Review Section including sub sections (E.G Support Management)


SizePrice £Exclusive
Leaderboard below top bar2800By sector
Review Sub Section (E.G PSA & Ticketing)
SizePrice £Exclusive

Leaderboard below top bar

900By sector

Availability of Sub Review sections are dependent upon exclusivity or sector sections being available from the above main review section being available.


In addition to the above, we can increase your target your message with any method of banner or background types to certain sections, keywords or combination across the whole site.

For example, you could target those reviews which provide email spam filtering and those that provide virus protection, even though they are in separate categories.

Whilst we give preference and higher presentation and weighting to those advertisers who commit to time periods, we are happy to discuss presenting adverts on either a CPM or CPC rate.

No matter what your budget is, let's have a starting discussion and see how we can start driving your sales and exposure even higher.