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Written by Chris Armstrong
March 21, 2016
Welcome to the world of LabTech, the support is worthless and management follow suit. But hey you should spend more money abd sign up for Service Plus & goto Automation Nation! They are great at one thing and it is taking your money! Don't forget they have a new GUI coming out, the core product sucks but at least its going to look pretty!
Written by Drew Borell
July 27, 2015
I dont know why there are so many downvotes on this. Anyone who thinks LPI\AVGMW is better than these other products you mention probably does not have experience with them. For single site monitoring I prefer products like AdRem Netcrunch because its very affordable and it will monitor from within. If the network goes down for too long with LPI\AVGMW you can miss a lot. And if a product is going to require an app server for its agent (and local database ) anyway, then why bother with a cloud solution?
Written by Kenneth Appel
June 30, 2015
I am the original poster of this comment. I am posting here to update the community that I am still using Tigerpaw. My initial review was fair and honest. I cannot provide any better information. However, it is only fair to say I am still using the product because it appears that service providers really are stuck in a box of 3 big names here. The truth is, all the products have different features and problems. There simply isn't a great, flipping over backwards solution for us. But, Tigerpaw does offer a nice balance of features and integrations which kept me with the product.
Written by James Foxall
March 02, 2015
It's been over a year since Ken wrote this review and he's still an active customer. To all reading these reviews - please take them with a grain of salt; most aren't even from real customers.

James Foxall
President/CEO Tigerpaw Software
Written by mark
December 10, 2014
I have found quick response time but the problems I have been running into is the as you said half assed email responses.
Written by Catherine Powell
October 01, 2014
Thank you for your feedback. We depend on customer feedback to constantly improve our product so we would love it if you got in touch to go through your issues with us.
Written by Bob Aloo
September 09, 2014

I hate to break it to you, but your "wise" choice may bring you to the same conclusion. I know there are camps 'for' and 'against' any of these PSAs, RMMs, CRMs, etc., but our experience was much the same as yours -- except search and replace 'tigerpaw' with '*wise'. We had a *terrible* "wise" experience: buggy, bloated, crappy support, etc. The list goes on.

Caveat emptor to _anyone_ looking for the holy grail of automation software.

Written by Tigerpaw Software
June 26, 2014
Hi Bob,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We searched diligently for your name in our customer database and we are unable to identify you.

Please give us a call at 800-704-9009. Our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we value every opinion.

The Team at Tigerpaw Software
Written by Nick Warren
January 09, 2014
Looking at both GFI and Labtech currently...can I ask what made you want to move away from GFI?

Written by Todd Swartzman
January 08, 2014
Well, I wouldn't pay $3000 to have someone to tell me what price I should charge either. If you want that, pay me $2k and I'll give you a number. If you use the program to actually understand your costs, how to improve your sales strategy and management, understand why you should charge a given price, need guidance w/ inside and outside sales, tracking sales and progress, how to close deals, talking points, contracts, protecting your borders, how to deliver on your services and improve general MSP operations, plus a bunch of other things MSP's ought to care about .... then, maybe it isn't such a waste of $$'s? Like all things, you only get out what you put in. We tripled recurring revenue in under 3 years. We have been TM members for a little over 3 years. So, we spent about... $10k to make.... well, alot more revenue, and been profitable the past 2.5 yrs. Money well spent.
Written by Sergio Nora
October 26, 2013
Matt, i disagree with you, i don't know who rates your support ( specially with 95 % ), your support is fantastic, friendly, polite, but totally incapable of solving the problems, partly because there are often huge bug.
Written by Paul Taylor
September 11, 2013
Hi Chris, I would like to help. Take a look at and send us a message via the contact us page. I will respond immediately.
Written by Paul Taylor
September 11, 2013
Hi Lisa, I would like to help. Take a look at and send us a message via the contact us page. I will respond immediately.
Written by Paul Taylor
September 11, 2013
Hi Stephen, I would like to help. Take a look at and send us a message via the contact us page. I will respond immediately.
Written by Paul Taylor
September 11, 2013
Hi David, I would welcome the opportunity to speak about this and to see if I can help. You can send me a message via our website and I will respond immediately.

Written by Paul Taylor
September 11, 2013
Reggie, have you looked at HarmonyPSA as an alternative end to end solution?
Written by Danna
September 05, 2013
Im surprised to hear this. Our company used AT for over 5 years and had stellar training and have used it for ticket management, project management, CSM and sales side, billing and had even started using the inventory recently. I am so pleased with AT that when I moved to a new company that has nothing even close, Im recommending it highly. And NO Im not an AT employee :-)
Written by Sonny
August 24, 2013
I agree with Matt here. I switched from Kaseya to Labtech and BOTH platforms take a good few months to get exactly how you want them but Kaseya required a full time management person to update, make changes and customize. The newest versions of Labtech are so much more user friendly that management of the product is a breeze. I would never recommend anyone go to Kaseya unless they have someone else that can administer it other than themselves.

Of course, there are things that Kaseya does better. Patching thorough Kaseya is a breeze and though I am not on the new 2013 Labtech build yet (which is supposed to have a lot of patching improvements) I must admit that I do miss patching through Kaseya. However, I have NEVER had issues remoting into end user machines using Labtech and I started using Labtech around December 2012.
Written by Sonny
August 24, 2013
Hey Matt. I see you on a lot of forums lately talking about Labtech. I would like to chime in here briefly. I started with Labtech around December of last year and I must agree with Matt here. I tried out Labtech a while back and it just wasn't what I wanted in regard to support and quality. Since the last quarter of last year there have been such grand improvements that it is hard to compare Labtech to other RMM providers as I feel they have left the pack in regard to their product offering. Also, the 2013 fixes a lot of small bugs that have been bothering me for the last 9 months. R&D is a big part of Labtech now and I feel like they listen to us now and work very hard to make a difference.

Thanks Matt! Always a pleasure.
Written by Denis Hurley
August 07, 2013
I can supply you with research indicating that eFolder is less expensive than Datto wholesale and that you can achieve much higher margins and profits deploying the former rather than the latter. Email me: or call (678) 888-0700 ext. 167 ask for Hurley
Written by Matthew Nachtrab
July 22, 2013
David, Looking into our history of clients I think you stopped Labtech a year and a half ago. I think you would be impressed with how far our support department has come since then. We are receiving over 95% satisfaction on support surveys the last six month. We have an average resolution time of 1 hour. This was not the case back in 2011. I cannot change the past, but I can impact the present and the future. The software has also come a long way. We are launching our major 2013 release this week. Feel free to try it out and our new and improved support department. Would love to earn back your business. I do not think you will be disappointed.

-Matt, CEO LabTech

Written by Todd Swartzman
July 12, 2013
Wow, so not our experience w/ LabTech. Quite the opposite in fact. Sure, a couple of years ago, support needed some improvement. I have noted much improved service/support. I don't know anything about a number being diconnected obviously, but I've called Matt and talked w/ him about a couple of issues when things just took way too long to get resolved. I figured he would want to know about it and he was interested and insured resolution.
Written by Todd Swartzman
July 12, 2013
Thanks for the writeup Steve, helpful to say the least. We evaluated, but ultimately didnt go w/ SOS due to the exchange sql backup limitations. I could also not get a good picture of what the management would be like for 50 or 100 end clients (that they didnt think this was a big deal says alot about their MSP commitment.
Written by Matthew Nachtrab
June 13, 2013
Bill, Thank you for taking the time to review LabTech. I am Matt Nachtrab, the CEO of LabTech Software. The issues you are experiecing sound like problems we used to have, but not on the latest versions or with our current support team. Our support team has vastly improved and the statements you voiced of "5 minutes is normal" and "doesn't play well with sonicwall" sound like issues we had with the support team in the past. We have some amazing subject matter experts around the connectivity issues you are experiencing. I suggest that you try out our support again on these issues. If you do not have an excellent experience feel free to reach directly out to me. Again, thanks for your time and for being a LabTech Partner.
Written by Ryan
June 06, 2013
I think the issues he's having are more due to the time entry portion he mentioned, not ticket creation. I can attest that this portion of the product is horrendous in its design and usability. After using it ourselves for well over a year, time entry is a terrible burden and has wasted a lot of productivity. The application in general is poorly designed, but the time entry is particularly bad.
Written by Andrew
February 01, 2013
Objective review. Which solution would you go with, now?
Written by Travis
November 27, 2012
At what stage were you getting stuck at? Were you not receiving SNMP messages at all or unable to decrypt them? Labtech is really not a plug-n-go type of application. When you go buy a hat that says "one size fits all" there's generally little complexity in that build. In the tech world that is just the opposite. Because Labtech attempts to be a "one size fits all" RMM, that generally comes with areas of great complexity and a learning curve. We are also a small shop and I'm nowhere near expert level on this thing, but my primary role is to master it and all other roles are secondary. If you don't approach Labtech with that mind set then you are treating it like a typical Microsoft Office application. Hopefully your sales rep did not give you that expectation in his pitch.
Written by Dar Zuch
November 24, 2012
Seriously? SNMP support for routers and switches? This is one of the biggest reasons we got Labtech and after 6 months of wrestling with support people we decided that we were not going to be able to use labtech to manage our snmp devices. We have a range of printers, routers, switches and ip phones from Cisco, HP, Netgear, Snom , Cradlepoint and others and perhaps with customizing the manufacture supplied mibs and lots of Labtech customization we could get this to work but we are a small shop and looking for something that is plug and go - so we can focus on our customers and business.

Written by Ray Barber
October 16, 2012
Further update to this...

This review is now 2 years old and no longer bears any resemblance to the reality of Kaseya today. There are a broader range of offerings both On Premises ans Saas, the pricing models have been updated to be the most competitive in the market place.
You don't have to write your own scripts or monitor sets are there are literally thousands available in the product and through the busiest and most vibrant community in the MSP space.
The upcoming 6.3 release also includes a content wizard to automatically setup the most common best practices for monitoring, patching and automated maintenance to workstations and servers enabling setup of a Kaseya system in record time. ( see the Roadmap for Pre-release annoucement: )
The support has been transformed in the last two years, including the addition of dedicated phone based Customer Services across all time zones that means that no call or ticket ever goes unanswered. Our technical support satisfaction surveys (conducted regularly and at random) show that our satisfaction results are now above those of Microsoft's support, so we have proven our commitment to excellent support over time.
I just wanted to make it really clear to anyone reading this review that this is an ancient point of view and does not reflect Kaseya today.
Written by Ray Barber
October 16, 2012
Sorry to hear your unhappy. I'd like the chance to do something about that, but I need to make contact to do so. If you can please email me at or PM me on here that would be much appreciated.
Ray Barber
Written by Jason
October 11, 2012
Hi John, Have you taken a look at - i have found them to be very good!
Written by Jason
October 11, 2012
Hi - It might be worth taking a look at these guys - i've found them to be excellent!
Written by Michael Capps
September 28, 2012
If you are within the 120 days, you certainly are within your satisfaction period -- make sure you are following all of CW's communications -- but more importantly, reach out to their support teams and ask for further engagement -- you should have contacts from implementation who you can go back to for assistance.

All systems have add-ons -- not everyone needs everything -- we use Sage for accounting, so we don't need the Quickbooks integration -- I wouldn't want it bundled -- same with Quoting, since they support Quosal, Quotewerks and even ChannelOnline...

Grass is not always greener on the other side as they say :) I recommend making the most of the CW experience -- has been a game changer for us.
Written by Michael Capps
September 28, 2012
Wow, this is very unusual -- we normally see initial responses from CW support, when submitted by ticket, within a few hours and probably 75% resolved same day with the remaining ones within 24 hours -- we even submit some pretty complex ones (bug reports, etc.) that get resolved within a few days...

I'd reach out to some of the escalation points -- feel free to contact me offline if you need some contacts to escalate with.

Sorry you had a poor experience -- feel free to let us know if we can help -- we always enjoy visiting with CW partners and helping deploy CW more effectively.
Written by Michael Capps
September 28, 2012
Every program has its flaws, but I prefer to point out the valid flaws :)

Cache is no longer an issue and hasn't been in 2012 -- not sure which version you are running
Ticket creation -- takes me as long as it does to create an email -- email connector is awesome for us internally and for our clients -- CW Tickets can be created, routed and worked in less than 60 seconds, all from one screen

Feel free to contact me offline if you need some assistance -- we are always glad to help fellow CW partners out...
Written by Michael Capps
September 28, 2012
I find it odd that despite your comments you still ranked this product 1 Star -- As a 3 year user of CW, I understand some of your frustrations but I am not sure how fair the overall categorization is.

CW does a lot and its an organic platform that is constantly in development. We have found the support teams to be extremely responsive. Of course, if your definition of response is to change the program to meet your individual needs, you may not be very pleased :) CW is built for the masses and for the typical service provider. Your business may be different, but in the end, you will have to adapt your business to whatever your PSA choice is, its part of life unfortunately.

I really wish you would take advantage of your local Users Group -- they are quarterly and provide a great depth of knowledge and hands-on experience. We make it a point to send at least one or two people quarterly.

Final comment on support -- their support system mimics how our support works -- and adapting to their support model has seen a 15% year over year growth for us, at minimum...

Best of Luck!!!
Written by Douglas Mortensen
June 01, 2012
Hello Matthew. I am curious at what point you outgrew MAX RM? (i.e. how big did you get)? What features did it not have that you needed? I am aware of some fairly large MSPs who do use MAX RM. Going from what you may consider to be a small MSP where MAX RM was a good fit, to outgrowing it in 6 months is certainly a notable accomplishment & I would think probably some very rapid major growth.

Anyway, I'm just curious on where it did not meet your needs. :-)

Written by erinn davis
April 04, 2012
Hey there Robert,
Erinn Davis, Community Manager here. I am so sorry to hear about your frustrations and that you have had a poor experience with LabTech.

It's always a little tough with MSPComparison to escalate and remediate a situation as the site allows for a certain level of anonymity when posting. Robert, if you'd like to message me directly, please send me a note to and I will be happy to listen to you and hopefully resolve any issues you are having. We always strive to provide top notch customer service at LabTech, so again I apologize for any inconvenience and poor service you received.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!
Erinn Davis
Community Manager, LabTech Software
Written by Matthew Nachtrab
March 14, 2012
Hi Mark, I am glad that you like the power of product. I am sorry you had an issue with sales making an appointment. It is never our intention to not meet expectations. If you want to talk about your experience, send me an email with your phone number and we can discuss. The way I read your post, I don't see that you used our support and rated and commented based on what others said. So I am curious if you ever interacted with support and what your experience is. Any details will help us improve our business. - Matt, CEO LabTech Software
Written by Gerald Meyers
March 05, 2012
i have used CSD for 2+ years for both help desk and hosted kaseya. my experience has been vastly different than posted above. services always work (espeically kaseya) and i never had a telco problem at the help desk.

the setup of the help desk is a little tricky so maybe the user above had issues. it took a couple of calls to my accoutn manager to get our account up and running.
Written by Rob Rae
March 03, 2012

When you contacted us back in November - I reached out to you no less than 4 times to help resolve or at least discuss your issue. You ignored me each time. You also never logged any tickets with Support in regards to your issues. I even offered to meet up with you in person over the xmas holidays to discuss - out of my own time - and you didn't reply.

We can help you if you ignore us. We have the best Support team in the business. I'm sorry if Managed Workplace didn't work for you and wish you nothing but success with your Managed Services offering.
Written by Taylor Leas
December 05, 2011
Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for your review. Our tech support hours via phone have recently been extended to 8AM - 12AM (midnight) EST. If you have any more suggestions, we love to hear from our partners.

Taylor Leas
Marketing Assistant
Written by Matthew Nachtrab
November 15, 2011
Hi Luke,

hank you for you feedback on our product and for voicing your concerns about support. Trust me when I say we are always working hard to make support world class. In the last 4 quarters, our ticket volumes have gone from 800 a month to 3200. At the same time, our satisfaction rate on tickets have increased from 66% to 92% and our support department has grown to 40 professionals. While I feel our efforts have massively improved our support despite incredible growth, I realize perception is reality and we are always working to improve.

Recently we have implemented Atlas in our support department. Essentially we utilize an ITIL structure for all of our inquiries, escalations, and communication of change processes. This begins at the development level all the way down to Support and their outlying counterparts. Information is shared within each department, so the learning and change process is both standardized and unified across the organization. The ATLAS program will be published in the coming weeks with our LT Support Portal as well.

We are also going to be adding certification levels that can allow experienced LabTech professionals to automatically escalate past level one.

And Luke, like always, you can escalate to some of the people you met early on at LabTech (Greg or I). We are still here slaving away and working to improve our product and support. I know we have emailed before, but my email is Thanks for being a partner and working with us as you have issues with support. Your feedback is critical in making our business better.

CEO, LabTech Software
Written by Philip Brown
November 08, 2011
Labtech is a pretty amazing product - but the support is worse than horrible.

I can honestly say that 100.0 % of the tickets that I have submitted in the last year have not been answered in the first submission. What usually happens is one of a couple of scenarios: either the ticket is ignored totally requiring me to open multiple tickets for the same issue or the ticket is closed without a solution. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to BEG for support. My favorite is that they will direct you to their forums for support … and then close the ticket… or offer you a solution that you have already tried and you told them that you tried this in excruciating detail in the ticket… they don’t read the ticket and are utterly unhelpful until you scream at them and actually get someone on the phone. This usually takes about a week or so… if at all.

Why am I paying for support then?

We just went through the upgrade from 2011.1 to 2011.2 and had some pretty heavy issues and errors. We now see approximately once per day that every monitored device will go into an error state for a few minutes and then report in again as being back online. Let me tell you that that will get your attention. The other thing that we see is that the agent will just shut down for no apparent reason. This will cause a server-down alert and also block your access to the server unless you have an alternative path for management.

I have to say that the vision of this product is pretty spectacular – but it isn’t ready for primetime just yet. I have reached out to LabTech many many times and I get the canned response that we have just added (fill in the blank here) resources and we are getting better blah blah blah… the truth is that they will not support you without your persistent chasing and hounding them for a solution.

If you are fluent in SQL and scripting you may be able to survive without the support – in which case I would say go for it. But if you are like the rest of us slobs trying to be a solution provider to customers in the SMB space and you don’t have a staff of 20 people you may want to look at some of the other solutions out there.

The RMM space has expanded substantially in the last couple of years, and while no tool will be all things to all folks, I would strongly recommend that you take a long hard look at the support that is available behind the product and not just the feature list of the product.

I can say that I have partnered with several MSPs and we all use LabTech and we are all experiencing the same issues – we are begging LabTech to step up and support the product. Stop giving us hollow promises that you will do better in the future. Lost the cocky attitude and answer our phone calls. Stop adding features to the feature list and start supporting the product that you have today.
Written by Peter Smith
October 13, 2011
Im using handsfree networks software, I have my pc well maintained by the software, You just can't understand a software by just seeing it, You need to learn how to use it. well i was able to get most of them from the handsfree website, may be you dint knew it, here use the following link for reference
Written by Matthew Nachtrab
October 11, 2011
Hi Craig, Have you used our support the last few months? We grew very rapidly over the last year, but we have a firm handle on support now. Our support satisfaction was low around the time you wrote this review, but month over month we have raised it from 60% to 95% satisfaction. We appreciate any feedback on your updates comment as we are always trying to make the update process better. Post here if you have any updates since your march post. Im looking for feedback on our latest release. I am a little surprised about your customization rating as I consider it a strength of LabTech. Thanks, Matt
Written by Ray Barber
August 31, 2011
Hi Cohen,

Sorry to hear support has not always been what you needed. I guess we have been a victim of our own success over the years and it can be hard to catch up sometimes, not that that is an excuse of course. Quite simply we want our support to be the best in the industry.
We have invested a huge amount in our support in the last 12 months, including setting up 2 new dedicated support centers one in Auckland and the other in Dublin. They are getting up to speed on what is a huge product to support and we are seeing a real impact in the responses we are getting from customers about our support, that it is much easier to get hold of us, and that the support they receive is very good (we conduct regular surveys to see how we are getting on).
If you need any further input please feel free to PM me.
Written by Ray Barber
August 31, 2011
Hi Todd,

I work for Kaseya in the UK, and I am sorry to hear you feel we are out of touch with the MSP market. I was an MSP before I got involved in Kaseya in the UK about 8 years ago, and the MSP market has been my main focus over those 8 years. I get involved in every way I can in the MSP market, including attending and speaking at events, running events. But most importantly I speak to MSP's every day that are using our product to deliver Managed Services.
Of course over the years our single product has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, and therefore more expensive. This did leave us with a bit of a 'gap' for a while where many smaller MSP's didn't need everything that Kaseya did, but there was only one product sold one way. I can happily report that that's no longer the case, and there are various versions of Kaseya to fit every size and type of MSP and at every different budget level. Lets find out if we can get you onto the right product for you and get you the value your business needs out of the tool. Please PM me and I'd be happy to help.
Written by smith
August 25, 2011
Labtech is an emerging force and while it offers a comprehensive package I feel like the design and infrastructure of the product is still in a very "young" stage. I agree with Eric, the product needs many more hours of research and development before it should be considered to be implemented. I am generally impressed with the features of Labtech; however, some of the most important aspects could use a performance boost. For example, when connecting to a computer for a support session, it can take up to a minute for the VNC connection to go through (before you can actually remote control the PC). That’s basically a minute of wasted time before you're even at the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen, which is extremely frustrating, not to mention the client's frustration on playing the waiting game. This isnt occasional, this is most of the time. Money wasted. Another problem is the quality of the integrated VNC remote control software. Sure you can tweak the settings like "poll full screen mode", etc. but it still severely lacks quality and speed when compared to logmein. These are some features that should not have been overlooked so easily. Occasionally we've had some minor problems with the interworkings of Labtech and during the troubleshooting routine it was difficult to get through and actually contact support. As someone else said, Labtech support can be a black hole.
Written by Mark C
July 26, 2011
Thanks for the update Kev! eFolder having BDR definately puts you in the running with the "big boys". I caught up with your sales team in Charlotte at MSPU boot camp and still think you have some of the best people working for you.
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