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LabTech Software
LabTech Software 2010-08-08 11:55:05 john Storms
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Reviewed by john Storms    August 08, 2010
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Honest reviews?

Im currently looking for an MSP / PSA /RRM and i continually find it odd, that labtechsoft gets such a plug and other MSP's are degraded online, i get the feeling there are some employee's of labtechsoft rubbishing other products because i cant seem to find many reviews of other products which don’t instantly say afterwards..

"but we tried labtechsoft and they are super human"

I think any MSP implementation initially is going to be a headache, but if you're going to write an honest review you surely wouldn’t instantly plug another product after you have just dropped 25k? I want to point this out I have no affiliation with ANY MSP, im a customer looking for an MSP without a STUPID pricing model. Why should I have to negotiate to get a price for an MSP? I just want a dam price not some “you may get ripped off if you don’t haggle” approach! It leaves me with a sour taste before ive even had the chance to look at the product. I have looked at labtech's reporting tools and they are hopeless, i have looked at n-able's pricing and i can't figure out why the hell they say a price and when you get the contract it shows more? Because of xyz they didn’t explain clearly when doing the sales pitch. Kaseya seem to have a bad rep but they also have more users because they have been in the market the longest, and as we all know in IT you only hear about it when it goes wrong.

What im saying to you is be wary of all the positive hype people say about labtech, i strongly get the feeling its employee's not honest reviews, if it was honest why don’t people mention how ugly the GUI is, or compared to n-able how average the reporting tools are??

N-able to me seems to be the better product and their support seems WAY better than labtech soft which leaves me weighing up the cost because they for us are an extra 12,000 than labtech? Not to mention ongoing?, but N-able lacks 2 features which labtechsoft have 1. a desktop ticketing system 2. history logger.

N-Able is quite pushy in their sales which i dislike, but they seem eager to give support which is important when dealing with a product like this. I feel labtech support is average, even speaking to a sales and asking to speak to a tech regarding technical issues, has turned out to be hard, i have asked several times to speak to a tech and i havent spoken to one yet, i just get a sales person full of promises with minimal information about technical aspects.

I think its interesting Connect wise has bought into labtech and nod32 is also partnered or looking to with labtech because both have good established companies.

So I’m lost in decisions but it’s important for an honest opinion than these BS reviews.

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August 13, 2010
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Dear Writer,

We do track IP address and if more than one review comes from the same IP we do carefully review to ensure to spiteful comments are put in to degrade any of the competition. I hope you find this satisfactory and welcome you to send me any further comments.

Many Thanks,

August 14, 2010
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I just wanted to add here that I am not in any way affiliated with Labtech nor am I some kind of fanboy. I merely wanted to share with the community what I have found to be in MY OPINION, to be the best overall value for an RMM on the market. You have had good experience with N-Able support, we did not.
Reporting in N-Able is not near as flexible as Labtech and Crystal Reports. If you are afraid of getting into Crystal and designing your own report, there are tons of Crystal experts out there you can get to help you. Crystal is probably the biggest reporting platform in the world.
Also as far as the GUI being ugly, that is a matter of opinion. I will say that it may not be the sexiest GUI, or it may not even be as sexy as N-Able's, I will say hands down it is much easier to customize and learn overall....MUCH Easier....
My review comes from extensive experience with Zenith, Kaseya, N-Able, GFI and then finally Labtech.... If I had the money back I spent on these systems for just 50 nodes, I would probably own 500 Labtech licenses.
When you are doing reviews, consider price as well, N-Able and Kaseya to me are just way over the top overpriced, in some cases up to 8 times the price of a Labtech node.
2 results - showing 1 - 2
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